Monday, June 09, 2008

Ows opines...

Obama: Well, six months on from when I posted re race/gender issues the race is finally over; now they can get on with the race!..and ironically race could/ will be a factor (??).'s simple: Obama has won now he must win for real, however a major stumbling point is the Europe favours him greatly - [Angus Reid Global Monitor] this is most apparent in France and Germany where only an average 7% of those polled favoured McCain - a distinct disadvantage if American psyche has anything to do with it!

Oilman's orthopraxy? Hugo Chavez has surprised the world by calling for FARC to release all the hostages they are holding and hand in it's weapons: noble indeed. CNN reports that "The guerilla's war has passed into history," [Chavez] said, according to the Bolivariana News Agency. This could be a ruse or an attempt to cover something else; I say that because on the same day President Chavez was being so noble the BBC reported that a Venezuelan national guard officer had been captured and arrested along with three others - in south Colombia near the border with Venezuela - trying to deliver assault rifle ammunition to Marxist rebels….would this be 'other' rebels other than the FARC whom Chavez had just told to stand down?...maybe they’ll be like the IRA and we'll soon be treated to the FARC equivalent of Provisional IRA and Real IRA etc.

Overspending on Osman operation? I wonder how much money is spent on covert operations protecting drug dealers and gang members? The Times reports that 1028 people were warned that they were "at serious risk of being killed by individuals with the resources to arrange their death." That's not just any old non-specific death threats but clear and present danger of said threat being carried out: UK Police forces spent millions gathering information and conducting both covert and open operations to prevent these threatened murders, which of course is their job and understandable when business people/celebrities/non-criminals etc are at risk but I couldn't really agree with vast amounts of public money being spent protecting known criminals...

Obscene overspending...this time definitely not justified: MEP's - despite all the expense juggling and fiddling that they get up to - are paid a ridiculous amount of money in salary and expenses; [Open Europe] if they were worth it I'm sure nobody would mind! ...Salary = £61,820; First pension (after ten years service) £13,750; EU Parliament contributions to second pension: £18,500Staff = £148 761; Office costs "general expenses" = £37,881; Daily subsistence (180 days) £50,220; Travel excess = £10,000; Travel allowance = £2,316.

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The Great Gildersleeve said...

I heard on Radio 5(I think)Obama's security expenses is the highest of all candidates and that once again the security experts are worried about the Race factor mainly in the context that someone may try to assasinate him and the reaction that could cause across the US, with historic references to people like Martin Luther King and the like.

I don't know if that's an over reaction.