Saturday, July 12, 2008

Obvolute ocracy...

Overlapping and overflowing and ever outwards...or at least I hope not.

"The proposed Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) of 27 European Union countries and at least 13 countries from the Maghreb and Arab region may prove stillborn, analysts say."

[IPS: Inter Press Service]
Perhaps the keeness of the French to warm up the unfinished meal that was the Barcelona process - an initiative of cooperation between the EU and 12 Maghreb/Med coast countries launched in 1995 [EUROMED] - is an attempt at to move the goalposts yet again only this time in favour of the French. Ironically enough, Dominique Moïsi (senior adviser at the French Institute for International Relations) - although in favour of the idea despite it being mismanaged - sees something similar: according to IPS he says "the French attempt to make geography and its former colonial links to the Maghreb region the leading criteria for UfM was "the secret vice in the project".

Funnily enough many, including the Libyans,[Eurity TV] (amongst others) believe it is adding too much politics to what was, and should stay, a trading block...where have I heard that before!...back in the EU we're being told it's Nice or Lisbon...take your pick...I vote "none of the above".

obvolute adj. - over-lapping; twisted. obvolution, n.
ocracy n. - government [as always, from Luciferous Logolepsy]

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bonnie said...

"I vote none of the above ".

ditto ...and then again you may not get a vote ;)

Paul said...

In those dark teatime moments of the soul I do wonder how the EU will pan out in years to come as an institution. I heard a Polish minister complain recently on BBC4 that it is too big - which is great coming from one of the latest members!

bonnie said...

Will the world divide into 3 trading blocks .... bit like 1984.

Span Ows said...

Poland and teh Czech Republic are the new tough kids on the block. France know that Poland could absorb a great deal of the CAP previously the preserve of the French (well they've always had most of it!), this will change in 2013 but how much?

The 1984 comment is very interesting, China and India being both so strong (and so close) along with Japan would be formidable (far too much for Europe and Africa and I'm not sure Russia would like to dance to Brussels' tune. It's great how the UfM has been resusitated and of course teh main primary concerns are keeping the Med clean and simialar nicities....yes...ahem...who are they trying to kid?

Paul said...

China will do as it likes, I've said that before and I will say it again (Harold Wilson!). If it doesn't like anything it vetoes it and carries on - China is the new France! Actually China's attitude to economics reminds me of Spain's attitudes to the Brits and planning laws, the way that Spain let's all the Brits live down by the water and keeps its interior for itself - China is using the resources of the west and Australia and keeping its interior for itself.

India is a mass of contradictions, just look at the make-up of their government.

I actually think that Russia will go with the middle eastern countries that are friendly to it. I was watching a programme on Kazakstan the other night and apparently all those who are actually Russians living in Tashkent are going home as they are being victimised for Communism's past.

I think we'll end up (not in my lifetime) with the Americas, Europe, China, India, Russia and Japan. All the others will align themselves to those.