Thursday, September 11, 2008

Optimistic opinion...

After the great England football performance last night, and a hat-trick by Theo Walcott (now the youngest player to score a hatrick for England - after also being the youngest player 2 years ago) I was very pleased by his down-to-earth reaction and Arsenal Coach Arsene Wenger's comments: when he was asked how good he thought Theo could be, AW replied: "Don't set any limitations on any human being. Once you have talent, the rest is down to how much you want it and how intelligent you are." ...more good comments followed but it reminded me of the Nike "Courage" advert [Link to ad] that leads in with the phrase "Everything you need is already inside" followed by myriad diverse images including many of skill, and courage and pain and exploit and success all to the 'chorus' of The Killers track "All These Things That I've Done": full version of the track (not the ad) on YouTube HERE.

I know it's a bit early for getting too excited but don't forget I've already got money on an England vs. Spain World Cup final in South Afrca in 2010...I got soul but I'm not a soldier :-)

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Paul said...

The thing about TW is that he needs to play by instinct. When he thinks about the game he loses the plot, he's a confidence player. I watched him for Arsenal the other week and he kept dropping back, coming inside and giving the ball away - frustrating the hell out of Adebayor. In the second half (against WBA) he was much better, sticking to the touchline and only coming in when needed.

Span Ows said...

I think you're dead right there Paul...needs to be a free bird and not given a plan with wings clipped.