Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Odd objection...

Diario de una ninfómanaA new film by Christian Molina, Diario de una ninfómana (translation: Diary of a Nymphomaniac...I bet you guessed that didn't you?) seems to have caused a stir in Madrid. El Periodico reports that the EMT, Madrid's public transport company have refused to put the posters advertising the film on their vehicles or bustops...thereby - as is often the case with this sort of issue - giving the film far more publicity than it would have got anyway! They say, amongst other things, that it is 'gratuitously provocative' and of 'dubious legality'. It may be provocative but "of dubious legality"? I'll have to find out what they mean. The poster is up at other sites around the country and shows a girl in knickers 'touching her sex'...hmmm, maybe erotic art would be a better way of describing it....or maybe I'm biased :-)
A synopsis from Anna Oms on the IMDb (Internet Movie Database) says:

"Val is an attractive, well educated and well off 28 year old. Whats more shes very sexually liberated and constantly on the hunt for new encounters to satisfy her endless sexual curiosity and desire. She sleeps with whoever she wants, whenever she wants to, ending up making sex into a lifestyle; a lifestyle that leads her to find both love and a career in prostitution. In both she experiences the extreme." [sic]

Molina offered the EMT a blank version with just the film title but they refused that too which would seem to suggest that the word nymphomaniac was as much a problem as the image: Christian argues that had the 'N' word been 'assassin' there would have been no objections; one assumes he's correct and one assumes also that it would be the same with words like Terrorist, or 'Sex-pot' however some words do get a different reaction e.g. would advertising for a hypothetical 'Diary of a Paedophile' be banned? Would other such 'bad-buzz-words' also have been allowed? He goes on to say - with a touch of hyperbole methinks - that the EMT's action is reminiscent of the censurship suffered under Franco.

Enough of that: in the film Catalan actress Belén Fabra (she played Olga in Canciones de amor en Lolita's Club) plays Val.

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Paul said...

From the country that gave us the genius that is Pedro Almodóvar - is the old Generalissimo still alive and well?

I don't want to generalise here but I do find the cultural differences between latin and non-latin countries fascinating when it comes to sex and public displays of either sex or affection.

Mind you, the fuss in Germany over the publication of the book Wetlands has been quite interesting as well.