Sunday, November 09, 2008

Ordnance, oro, ore...

Ordnance ordered out?: Hugo the clown is getting worse...but really just confirming what we knew and conforming to the socialist dictator stereotype: he has now threatened to 'release the tanks' if certain local state elections don't go his way La Vanguardia reports today:

[Headline] "Chávez amenaza con "sacar los tanques" si la oposición gana las elecciones en el estado de Carabobo"...

[Chavez said] "Si permiten que la oligarquía (...) regrese a la Gobernación (de Carabobo), a lo mejor voy a terminar sacando los tanques de la Brigada Blindada para defender al gobierno revolucionario y para defender al pueblo",

This roughly translated means "Chavez threatens to "get out the tanks" if the opposition wins the elections in Carabobo State"...and what Chavez said: "If they let the oligarchy (...) return to the government (of Carabobo), maybe I will end up pulling tanks from the Armored Brigade to defend the revolutionary government and to defend the people."

Carabobo State is one of the smartest, well-run and get-ahead states in the country - it's also where I have many friends whom will all, I have no doubt, be voting for the opposition! This is at least the second time in which the he said that the army will come if a candidate is elected who may have plans/say anything contrary to what he, Chavez, wants. It's clearly part of a plan as only 2 weeks ago he "threatened to imprison the popular governor of Venezuela's western Zulia state for allegedly plotting to kill him." [Washington Times]

Update: Here in English from Yahoo! News...I beat them to it! :-)

Oro: Earlier last week Mining Minister Rodolfo Sanz said that the biggest gold mine in Venezuela, currently owned by Canada's Crystallex, would be "seized and nationalised": part of the socialist agenda that has already taken over telephone, electricity, oil, steelmaking and cement operations. Crystallex, who's shares fell 25% on the news, seems not to have been informed!

Ore: as if all this weren't enough Russia and Venezuela are signing various deals including a nuclear (energy...) one. Judging by Russia's cold reception to the news of the US election it could possibly be a major headache for new US president elect Obama especially as uranium ore reserves may be included in mining legislation that nationalises the gold (oro...see above)

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Paul said...

Carabobo - isn't that what Yogi Bear's little mate drives?

Dictators eh, what can you do with them? I'm surprised he hasn't met a suspicious death to be honest or is the CIA following the old maxim about 'keep your friends close but your enemies closer.'

Span Ows said...

Funnily enough Carabobo could almost be described as meaning stupid face :-)

I have no doubt that had Iraq not been such a problem then Hugo would be no more!