Sunday, December 14, 2008

Ornamental orifice...

The Caganer is a traditional Catalan figure, 'endearing, highly respected and beloved' in the typical Catalan Christmas; usually behind a wall next to Jesus' manger. The name means The Shitter and is not [meant to be] a real joke - although to outsiders it can seem a shock or even an insult - on the contrary, it is meant a tribute to whomever it represents; Obama is one bestseller this year. One official website puts it thus (link by clicking on image)

"The Caganer was a obliged figure in the Christmas Cribs of the eighteenth century since at that time was believed that with his fertile depositions the soil of the crib will became rich and productive for the coming year! It was also believed that he would bring good health and calm to the body and the soul, which is necessary to do the crib with pride and happiness that Christmas brings at home. Putting this jolly little man in the crib used to bring luck and happiness." [sic]

Caganer Gordon BrownNow, I find that a little hard to believe, I think it probably did start out as joke, maybe because it is a very distinct possibility that someone, maybe a shepherd, maybe Joseph or one of the Wise Men would be taken short, certainly a bit scared and in awe of the occasion etc; also, anyone aware of how many people relieve themselves wherever they can (see ordure option) would certainly know it happens all over the world: 2.6 billion people, or 4 out of every 10 people on the planet do not have a toilet (nor a box, bucket, latrine etc) and just 'go' where they can. That said, re the The Caganer, it has become a traditional addition and nowadays all major figures or celebrities in sport, politics etc are 'rewarded' with their depiction in clay, squatting and squeezing out a good turd. Even Gordon Brown has been so rewarded (image left) although in my opinion - would you ever have guessed? - he really is a shit.

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Paul said...

I don't suppose much soiling of the crib goes on in Catholic Spain this time of year does it? Poor Gordy, nobody has a good turd to say for him.

Span Ows said..., call it typical of one part the "not part of Spain" which is entirely different to the "two Spains" that there are.

P.S. Back in UK now until 6th Jan...hopefully feeling a bit richer with my Euros!

Les Paul Junior said...

Hi Span,

Just a quick one (Oh, Matron!) to wish you a happy Christmas and all the best for 2009!

Span Ows said...

Thanks Shy! ...and same to you; I should have let you know beforehand!!! I'll be back in 2009 but have a great New year anyway, good luck and good health.

bonnie said...

Happy New Year Mr Ows. It's January 9th ...already !

Anonymous said...

Hello Bonnie...just seen your reply here! thanks and the same to it's near the end of the 10th...soon be summer :-)

Span anon as not signed in!

Anonymous said...


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