Thursday, January 15, 2009

Our ostensible overlords...

It seems the pigs are already on two legs...well, we knew that didn't we. From The Times Red Box blog:

A good day to announce an expenses cover-up

"Remember the clampdown on MPs expenses which was promised after it emerged Derek Conway was paying his sons to work for him? Full transparency and an end to the John Lewis list? Well a year later, and on a busy newsday, Harriet Harman has announced the watering down almost all the restrictions.

According to a document unveiled with no fanfare on the same day as the Heathrow announcement, the House is preparing to block the publication of all receipts for MPs expenses, which had been ordered by an Information Tribunal."

See the results here. [Pdf]...full story HERE

"Harriet Harman and the government are behind the move to prevent receipts being published. The move requires the Freedom of Information Act to be amended, and Jack Straw has apparently laid an Statutory Instrument which does so for the House to approve."

Well, we can't expect the laws of the land to apply to them, can we? All animals are equal...

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Paul said...

Taxpayers Alliance are on the case! I was thinking about the chances of the next election having the lowest turnout ever because of the general apathy towards all politicians at the moment. I think if one party could break away from the accepted bun fight things could really change. The only party making sense at the moment are the Lib Dems and people are afraid to vote for them.

Span Ows said...

No, I think the Blair approach caused the apathy (I am convinced this was a central tenet of the NL project) things are getting nasty and it's in everyone's face and I actually think there will be a bumper turnout.

Lib Dems may make sense but locally the are a different animal to nationally, ths has always been their downfall (!!!) and their bonanza (where the local people are good)

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