Saturday, February 28, 2009

Obliquely obscuring obvious odour...

Gordon Brown helped fuel banking crisis - FSA head [DT Link]

Gordon Brown is the worst at a lot of thingsThis news is 3 days old now and a complete surprise (ahem): but it stinks. Gordon Brown helped fuel Britain’s banking crisis by pressuring the City regulator not to intervene and stop reckless lending: Lord Turner, the head of the Financial Services Authority. I've seen a few minor headlines about FSA failings etc but not this week's direct blaming of Brown.
Brown in the brown stuff...we know this. No wonder we're treated to a daily barrage of Anti Shred headlines..."Brown renews banker pension plea", "Brown vows pension claw back", "Brown 'anger' at Goodwin": a smokescreen. Mandy's at it too [Play Political] The smokescreen of trying to bury a further damning indictment of Gordy's actions that puts the blame squarely where it should be. Everybody is huffing and puffing (me too!) about Shred's pension which is exactly what Labour and their spin doctors want. The FAS Chairman in front of the Select Committee has well and truly fingered Brown and the government as interfering in financial regulation; for what can only be for political purposes. The proof is out there in myriad quotes of Brown's to various groups and business associations over the last 8 years or so; slowly but surely the roost is becoming covered with chicken shit.

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