Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Olé Olympique

OL...or Oh 'ell as the Barça fans would be saying at halftime: I'm just trying to calm my heartbeat after watching the first 45 minutes the first 90 minutes of 2009's Champions League. Olympique Lyonnais vs. Barcelona playing what seems a classic game (second half not so intense or fast-paced)...just like an English FA Cup semi final (not final, they can be boring) Great speed, skill, end-to-end, no respite, both teams hitting the woodwork and hitting the tackles hard, not too many silly cards, Juninho scoring a fantastic freekick after only 7 minutes, goal-mouth scrambles, great goalie reflexes, Thierry with a diving header (unheard of!) 1-1. [Stats]

I hope the Arse can play as steadily in Rome...what was that about a yellow card for smoking at half time? OK, strike that...Toure was booked for coming on without permission (he and Gallas were left in the changing room and the game kicked off without them!

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Paul said...

Barca could win the Champions League if they Reina in goal rather than Victor 'Calamity' Valdes his performance against Espanyol had everything apart from the revolving bowtie and plastic flower that squirted water. Big worry for Barca fans at the moment is that Messi is obviously knackered and Etoo is trying too hard to compensate.

Sorry to say it Span but Hleb is known as useless in our house - he is not and never will be good enough for the Nou Camp.

I'm a bit worried that the rumours have already started regarding Pep getting the push in the summer as well, with Milito back and another decent forward added to the squad they will be better next year.

P.S Well done Arse, a bit lucky at times at Rome is a difficult place to go but a goal is a goal.

Paul said...

Sorry P.P.S - It struck me during the Lyon v Barca game that if Mike Riley or Steve Bennett had been ref Juninho would have been sent off after five minutes, and not scored that goal, for the tackles on Sergio Busquets and Xavi. I'm glad sense prevailed in this case and neither foul got a card.

Span Ows said...

same with Grosso...lucky to last the 1st half.

I agree re Hleb and we've still got his half blind, dumber brother Bentner.

Paul said...

Lol re pink boots Bentner

Grosso reminds me of a throwback to the old Italian defending style of 'they shall not pass and I'll look innocent as I break their legs.'