Monday, February 23, 2009

Oye, olé..

Update: Sunday 1st March 10pm: PP wins absolute majority in Galicia: Rajoy safe for now
Spanish justice minister resigns. [BBC] Spain's justice minister Mariano Fernandez Bermejo has quit his post; big news in Spain today mainly because a minister resigning is almost unheard of (yep, I know the UK now has that disease as well). Well this is a classic because he went hunting (illegaly) with a judge...and that judge is none other than semi [self-publicist] celebrity Baltasar Garzón Real (if you think he looks like a smarmy git then you're not far wrong) who happens to be in the middle of a anti-corruption campaign against certain businessmen connected very clearly to the Party Popular (the main opposition) ; trouble is he started his campaign just as the PP happen to be in the middle of election campaigns in the two major regions of the Basque Country and Galicia - what a coincidence...he also stood for the PSOE (now government) in the 90s in their equivalent of the House of commons so allegations of bias could hold...oh, it's dirty! The elections are this weekend and a bad showing could mean the downfall of the opposition leader Rajoy, IMHO he probably needs to go anyway for making absolutely no inroads into the government 'popularity' despite the economic situation (and the government aren't very good!)

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