Monday, March 30, 2009

No Confidence in HMGI agree with Gordon Brown shock! Just to counterbalance that shock I post the image (left) of No confidence; link through the image if you want "David Cameron to propose a motion of No Confidence in Her Majesty's Government in Parliament."

This post though is more about the tsunami of sleaze and expense claim scandals may be finally breaking through the thick skulls of our politicians; they finally seem to be understanding that the tax-paying voters don't GIVE A SHIT if it's 'within the rules', the rules stink and YOU made the rules!

Another thing, Brown must be intercepting my e-mail as he has announced tonight exactly what I put in a message to David Cameron today about sure-fire ways to win the next general election! "Gordon Brown has suggested scrapping the controversial second home payment for MPs as part of a wide-ranging shake-up of parliamentary allowances." [BBC]

Hang on a minute though...I may take back my agreement if much more of THIS comes out.

MPs are to be given the chance to edit receipts submitted as part of their expenses claims before they are made public in the summer, it emerged today.

Of course there are some perfectly correct and sensible editable exclusions like names of suporters etc but we all know what else will be edited...things like what films they get on expenses etc...

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Paul said...

Who thought of the expression 'redacted' is that how it's spelt. Last night's Newsnight was one of the best I've ever seen: Financial Meltdown, Hillsbrough 20 years on and Sleaze. Bit worrying that somebody is willing to sell all the information about MP's expenses for £300,000 - I think somebody is selling themselves short!

Span Ows said...

very old word that...sounds a bit wierd but it's correct.

I think you're right too about the price...a single newspaper would pay more than that.