Sunday, March 15, 2009

Obama's OK...

OK Corral - WikiOK Corral that is...where the famous gunfight was (link through image) One industry seems to be cocking a snook at the recession: "A pledge by US President Barack Obama to tighten gun control laws has led to firearms sales soaring across America."[Daily Telegraph] Yep, gun sales. "His pledge has proved a potent catalyst, with manufacturers recording soaring profits since his election." The legal personal background checks that under federal law are essential for people purchasing rifles and handguns - "jumped 42 per cent at gun stores to a record 1.5 million in November after Mr Obama was elected. Since then, they have risen by an average of 25 per cent each month"... that's a major increase. Smith and Wesson pistol sales leapt 46 per cent and tactical rifle sales more than tripled (Oh Jeez!). Sturm Ruger & Co.'s takings jumped 81 per cent. It's helping unemployment too, imagine the shop staff needed but also Florida state authorities hired an 61 extra staff just to help process the gun permits. I foresee many news reports of Americans kissing goodbye to their toes as well as giving intruders something to think about.

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Paul said...

I can't get my head around the American frontier mentality - the American's I know seem quite rational and yet they must own a gun or several guns. Old Chuck Heston must be laughing in his grave.

Span Ows said...

Oh he's laughing alright!

I know many dozens of Americans and most of them are fine...but spend any amount of time with them and you can see the "foundation" of those do' gawn 'onery critters. That said I have family in the Midwest (Mn and WI) and it gets mighty 'rural' up there. When I was in
MN (amongst other states) there before the elections outside of the Twin Cities I saw almost no Obama posters and the whole election race revolved on the abortion issue...and my cousin's son has 3 guns...he's 13.

Off topic...hooray...just pipped Hull in FA Cup quarters...controversy for 2nd goal?..I'll say there was, fancy leaving it that late! ;-)