Sunday, March 22, 2009

Opportunistic Orwellian ordure...

Gordon Brown, addressing citizens of Oceania, grins proudly at us above his article in the Observer: "We are about to take the war against terror to a new level." [Link] My God but that sounds scary; amusingly that URL link has the article written as gordon-brown-terrorism, and it's true! You'll note he gets his world-leading mantra in again, the man is seriously deluded.

Terrorism threatens the rights that all in this country should hold dear, including the most fundamental human right of all - the right to life. We know that terrorists will keep on trying to strike and that protecting Britain against this threat remains our most important job.

I believe that this updated strategy, recognised by our allies to be world-leading in its wide-ranging nature, leaves us better prepared and strengthened in our ability to ensure all peace-loving people of this country can live normally, with confidence and free from fear.

I defy ANYONE, of any political persuasion, to read the article without a tingle of apprehension and/or thoughts as to the sanity of the author. The comments afterwards are classic, especially when you consider that this is The Observer/ Guardian (comments now closed after seven pages of 100% [near enough!] slagging Brown.)

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