Saturday, April 11, 2009

Onwards, outwards...

leaking sewageRipples...A Downing Street spokesman said: "The prime minister has accepted Mr McBride’s resignation" and "‘Brilliant’: the lurid lies of sex and drugs", Isabel Oakeshott, Deputy Political Editor with at least two articles in tomorrow's Times HERE and HERE. Or link through image for Sunday's News of The World full coverage.

Ian Dale has much more (hat-tipping Guido)

Update Sunday 12/04 11:35 CEST: Gaby Hinsliff, political editor of the Observer today on blogging and the "British blogosphere taking their first big political scalp" - not sure that's the first, is it? - but ends on a great quote from Alex Hilton a leftwing blogger ( and Recess Monkey) and what Gaby calls "perhaps the left's nearest equivalent to Guido Fawkes"; speaking of Labour's need for more firepower online,

"It's good that they now understand there is something that needs to be understood. But bad that they don't understand what it is."

Classic, but worth noting that whilst Hilton IS a leftie blogger, Guido ISN'T a "right-wing blogger", he has laid into the Conservatives on many occasions ( Spelman, Conway - and others with their snouts in the trough) with the same gusto, it just appears that Labour have more to offer, as a target that is!

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Paul said...

Do you know that I managed to avoid any news bulletin between Thursday and today. I haven't a clue what's been happening other than discovering that Kate Garraway wore red to a book awards. Anyway having caught up I think the whole thing does brings politics more into disrepute and makes more of a mockery of the seriousness of the job in hand. Personally I'd like to see Dereak Drapers head squeezed tightly between Kate's boobs but I guess he does that most nights so it wouldn't be a punishment.

Span Ows said...

Well you may have noticed my first post on it was Saturday morning!...and despite my son being ehre for easter I still amanged to follow the whole thing. That said, my sister has done for a couple of years what you did for a few days and she is says she feels much better for news = no stress etc...maybe that's why she retires next 48.

Re the scandal...they have done well to confine it, there is at least one cabinet MP (maybe 2) with a lot more knowledge but being able to pile the whole blame on Mcbride and Draper means they can put a lid on it for the time being.

Paul said...

Your sister has the right idea about retirement and reducing stress. At least with a blog there is some outlet, funny thing was that returning to work on Tuesday I felt almost serene.