Sunday, April 26, 2009

Oozing out...

(New) Labour are oozing out of power, like a handful of mud, slime or shit - or all three - that oozes through your fingers as it is squeezed (if you do that sort of thing please wear rubber gloves). First the cynical budget that will lead to [at least] "Two parliaments of pain" (Robert Chote, IFS) last week and second, Gordon Brown "was last night forced into a humiliating retreat over MP's expenses to avoid defeat in the Commons."

"Ministers are now frantically seeking a compromise deal after accepting that the proposed flat-rate allowance for attending parliament, announced with great fanfare five days ago in a ground-breaking YouTube video, would be rejected in a vote."

They have no idea, they are thrashing about in their - hopefully very painful - death throes but at the same time they are NOT doing what is best for the country. And now I'm doing what I keep telling others not to do: to be complacent. It's not over until it's let's just get it over with, quickly! Brown has no mandate, no authority, no ideas, no logic, no common sense, no right to run the country down. Please go. Follow that link to sign the petition: "We the undersigned petition the Prime Minister to resign".

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