Thursday, April 09, 2009

Ordinary order?...

Sister NobiliOrdinary order?...NO. My Lord...of the Dance. My child, and what did you do before this?

Anna Nobili is no ordinary nun...

"The 38-year-old used to be a lap-dancer, and spent many years working in Italian nightclubs." Now she is using her obvious talents in a different way; she says that the church is veruy open to what she does and that

"she has noticed that bishops, and priests in general, are struck by this new form of expression."

I bet they are! She changed her life years ago after a visit to the shrine of St Francis in Assisi. "My body has changed, so the way I dance has changed too." Just as well as part of Anna's good work is dancing in hospitals and prisons, I imagine the robes stay on! (Link to Alicia Trujillo's BBC article by clicking on the picture)

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Paul said...

So when was the picture on your thread taken? She looks about 20 whereas in the link she looks about fifty! We have a couple of Nun's as clients - they are tall enough to have played lock in a rugby team and they both wear DM's, one looks like Sister Wendy and drives a Beetle convertible. Sadly we have no lap dancers although two of our ladies are training to be pole dancers, just in case the economy really hits bottom (no laughing at the back) and they have to give up accountancy for something less tawdry.

Span Ows said...

hehehe, well, she's 38 now so I guess the picture could be as much as 15 or 20 years ago. Not quite Sound Of Music.

So are you volunteering as a pole? To enable them to pratice of course.

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