Sunday, May 10, 2009

Daily Telegraph: MP Expenses scandalI know many bloggers 'float' through Owsblog whilst surfing; many may not know of what is becoming a 'revolution-forming scandal in the UK: at last the people are finding a voice. If you haven't already heard of the outrageous situation in the UK regarding the "honourable" Members of Parliament and their Expenses and allowances claims then please read the Daily Telegraph: click on the image (left) to go direct to their ample coverage. "Ministers and MPs had 'no excuses' for milking the system of taxpayer-funded Commons expenses" says Alasdair Campbell. I agree entirely with him - not a common occurance - they have NO EXCUSE. Alasdair goes on to say

"The question in MPs' minds as they submit expenses should not be 'can I get away with this?', nor even 'how will it look?', nor even 'is it within the rules?', but 'is it right?"

However the problem is that IF (not when) they get to that final question it appears they DON'T CARE! Many are saying that it is not all MPs, or some are low claimers...but they all KNOW! Their silence has aided and abetted the theft and the fraud and the disgraceful deceit. "It's easy to blame 'the system' without taking responsibility" says Matthew d'Ancona. I don't wish to blight the name of someone who deserves better by associating his name with corrupt and greedy shitcakes but some quotes of Edward Murrow spring to mind: "The obscure we see eventually. The completely obvious, it seems, takes longer."...but now it's becoming clear:

"A nation of sheep will beget a government of wolves"

Inspired no doubt from Benjamin Franklin's "Make yourself a sheep and the wolves will eat you." At long last the sheep seem to be acting as a flock and as such can even overcome a small pack of wolves. No wonder this thieving bunch of scumbags tried so hard to keep this quiet, to keep it hidden, to edit what was released etc.

I'll finish with what Mike Wasdin says: it's pretty much what I think too, HERE. "It must become fashionable to question authority again for freedom and liberty to prevail"

...I would like to end by expressing my love for the government in the words of the late Abbie Hoffman...FUCK THE GOVERNMENT!"
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Peter Grimes said...

Amen to that!

Guido down again, I see, and the ZaNuLieBor goons are keeping up their game of fitting in an anti-Tory thread just before the Al-JaBeeba board closes.

And these goons say that they are not paid by ZaNuLuieBor!

Span Ows said...

Hello Peter, no doubt too many people trying to read Guido but this time the news is everywhere. Re the MB, I don't credit the mods with sufficient intelligence to do that!

Paul said...

My favourite Benjamin Franklin quote is "three men can keep a secret providing two of them are dead."

"The question in MPs' minds as they submit expenses should not be 'can I get away with this?', nor even 'how will it look?', nor even 'is it within the rules?', but 'is it right?"

I agree, but their is a culture within Parliament that precludes even that level of intelligence. I just wonder at what point did MP's cease to be (elected) servants of the people and masters of all they survey. Sleaze is endemic, a change of Government will make little difference. If the economy is in bad shape then people will keep their heads down once things pick up the old ways will come back. Look at what's happening in the City after the initial fuss about short trading, it's back on the menu now nobody is taking a close interest because of MP's expenses.

I remember an American saying a few years ago that everytime America went to war it was because something was happening at home that needed a cover-up. In this country you can guarantee that there is some bad news being buried under all these headlines.

And I don't thik much of the Telegraph either, cheque book journalism is one thing but these details were coming out anyway - I suppose the only thing to be said to justify their early publication is that they don't get lost in the summer recess.

Paul said...

'there' not 'their' is a culture or possibly 'their's is a culture'.

Anonymous said...

Great quote! Always makes me laugh when people say "Can I tell you a secret?" and I always reply "No, and if you did it wouldn't be a secret!"...

As you say, it is endemic and won't be greatly changed....and serves to cover up who-knows-what!