Saturday, May 16, 2009

Odd one out...

No, not which Westminster MP is out, but, from the Times Money Central: The 10 richest towns in the UK...[link] based on information from UHY Hacker Young about average income tax contributions; can you note the odd-one-out from this list:

1. St Albans: Average income per year: £43,500
2. Windsor: Average income per year: £42,100
3. Guildford: Average income per year: £38,200
4. Wokingham: Average income per year: £37,500
5. London: Average income per year: £34,700
6. Macclesfield: Average income per year: £34,500
7. Wycombe: Average income per year: £33,900
8. Reigate: Average income per year: £33,400
9. Chelmsford: Average income per year: £30,000
10. Basingstoke: Average income per year: £30,300

In fact they all something in common except one: there's only one not within the area of the map below; if you're not from the UK, or not up on UK place-names or are just crap at knowing what towns are where then click on the map to find the answer:

London and environsNo offence meant to Macclesfieldians but I guess this is the rich and famous of Manchester living 'in the countryside' (oops, just gave it away).
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Gavin Corder said...

Yes but the cost of living in the South is extortionate! Your money goes so much further on the Cheshire Plain! Moan moan! (Whingeing south dweller speaks)

Paul said...

Noddy Holder and David Dickinson live in Macclesfield. so it also attracts orange skinned, tartan braces wearing bovver boys who can't spell. Oh and Peter Crouch lives there too - despite playing for Portsmouth.

Favourite Peter Crouch quote: "If you weren't a footballer what would you be?" "A virgin."

Span Ows said...

Young Gavin...welcome back... I agree of course, those on a decent wage oop norrth are onto a winner. Cheap beer!

Paul, Yes I saw those famous residents on the Wiki page: greta quote, he should have said "a poor virgin"