Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Olfactory offence...

seized cocaine purityWhilst we know that drug users are stupid (yes, you are) I didn't realise they were this stupid: The latest figures from the Forensic Science Service reveal how average purity of police seizures of cocaine has fallen to its lowest ever recorded level - less than 20% pure on average.

Almost a third (31%) of seizures are below 9% pure.

(Link to article Mark Easton's article through graph) Yep, they're paying the same money and getting a lot less than they think; oh of course they'll say "my source is good/pure/the best/quality etc...but it isn't, you're sticking shit into yourselves and paying through the nose...(get it?) "Purities now are quite low - between 5% and 40% in police seizures and we have seen them as low as 4% or 5% in the last few weeks."

That said, I think we may all be at it more than we think: "Spanish scientists have detected the presence of cocaine in the air of Madrid and Barcelona" [Link]

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Paul said...

I have a client who used to supply portaloo's to Glynbourne, Ascot etc, the loos always came back positive for cocaine.

Span Ows said...

Like I said...they're sticking shit into themselves!