Tuesday, May 05, 2009


For those that feel Gordon Brown and New Labour are a bit on the fascist side, a bit too keen on taking away personal liberties...and with moronic comments about the far right coming from certain Labour corners: "Labour MP Denis MacShane blames 'xenophobic' Tories for rise of far-right BNP" [DM] we are provided with an absolute classic faux pas from Brown: the BBC news website (story here) has a rather nice image! Just in case the Beeb have realised and changed the picture you can see a (rather poor quality) screenshot HERE. No, you're not seeing things, those are Nazi swastikas.

h/t Guido

More pictures, some quite sinister, HERE (if they remain!)

Update May 6th a.m. The BBC yesterday changed their news webpage but they have at least realised you can't buck the blogosphere: they have now 'allowed' the image.

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Paul said...

I hear Gordo's a big Chelsea fan. Ha ha ha.

Span Ows said...

hahaha...now that would be funny! I cannot get over how bad that ref was last night.