Sunday, May 10, 2009

Outing ophidians...

"...irredeemably corrupt and unreformable." From an article by Christopher Booker; but unlike my previous post this time it's about that other thieving, deceitful, arrogant, almost facist sleazefest that is the EU. Something else we all know but nothing seems to be done.

"The system was open to fraud in every direction. Almost immediately, however, Miss Andreasen found herself being pressured to sign off the 2001 accounts which, as she said, would be a criminal offence... ...It soon became obvious that her attempts to introduce changes were being blocked at every turn. "

"Brussels Laid Bare", published tomorrow and written by the a sacked former chief accountant of the EU, Marta Andreasen.

adj.,n. - (reptile) belonging to order of reptiles including snakes; like snakes.

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