Friday, May 08, 2009

Overflowing obloquy II...

feathering their nests...Well, we've known for some time: Overflowing obloquy..."Nest-feathering like never before; who do these greedy shits think they are?"...Picture link to DT article: "Gordon Brown and his most senior ministers are facing questions over their use of parliamentary expenses after the Daily Telegraph revealed details of their claims." Of course we know other/all parties are at it too but the brunt will - and should - fall on the government.
"The disclosures show the scale of ministers’ claims and the extent to which politicians have exploited the expenses system to subsidise their lifestyles"
"Just when Brown thought it couldn't get worse..." [Conservative Home]

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Paul said...

"The party that styles itself as the party of the working class."

Sorry, but that dog doesn't bark anymore, Labour abandoned the working class in 1948 when it called in the Army to end the Dock Strike, since then it's been treading water.

I'm seriously considering not voting at the next GE but that would take me out of the blogsphere because I couldn't comment on something I didn't actively participate in.

I'm saddened more than angry, it's left me flat, too flat to get angry although I am angry.

Span Ows said...

Indeed. I'm not sad just frustrated. People still try to defend it and there is no way of stopping it. If it were a comapny they would be sacked outright, saying they can be voted out every 5 years isn't enough; that's what's frustrating. There should be some independent committee that can "try"...and charge and sack any MP, anytime.

Another thing that frustrates me is the core Labour vote voting for something that, as you say, is so NOT Labour and clearly so. Blair and Brown have both been to the right of where Health was. We know why Balir shifted but that leaves what these voters do...are they completely stupid? Indifferent? Lazy?

Paul said...

"We know why Balir shifted but that leaves what these voters do...are they completely stupid? Indifferent? Lazy?"

Indifferent and lazy. Labour has always drawn on its core vote because of the power of the unions. Unions essentially tell their members who to vote for through propaganda and until the closed shop was abolished they had the workers by the gonads.

What really does annoy me about all these expenses is the line "it wasn't against the rules," that gets trotted out all the time. Why does something have to be against the rules to be wrong - isn't there any moral compass?

Span Ows said...

I'm sure you know I meant Heath and not Health! Well, 'Balir' isn't exactly right either, if I'd written 'Bliar' you'd think I did it on purpose!

Moral compass? Maybe but it's either broken or under a pile of receipts.

I agree with Alastair Campbell...(aaahggghh)

"The question in MPs' minds as they submit expenses should not be 'can I get away with this?', nor even 'how will it look?', nor even 'is it within the rules?', but 'is it right?' The problem is, if (not when) they get to that final question...they don't care!