Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Obscurantism offence...

"The Ministry of Truth is a campaign film project to educate and engage you on your rights to stop MPs deceiving you. We're promoting a law which restores the balance of power between elected representatives and their employers - making them truly transparent. Not just for their expenses, but for everything they do in their capacity as MPs"

We all know they should be accountable to us. We all know that they're not.

"What’s all the fuss about?

The Ministry of Truth is campaigning to introduce legislation that makes it illegal for politicians to deliberately deceive the public."

"There’s no law in this country that makes it an offence for MPs to deceive the electorate. Worse than that – there’s no way of removing a sitting MP. Once they’ve been elected they can pretty much do what they like until the next general election. We’ve a general election coming up and this Bill is the perfect way to discover which MPs and which parties genuinely want to end dishonest politics."

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Paul said...

See this is where the big, big lie of Democracy needs to be exposed. The fact that a sitting MP cannot be removed is outrageous. There was a wonderful quote in our local newspaper on Saturday about the new release of MP's expenses with the juicy bits blacked out. It said, "Nice to see our MP's expenses claims are as transparent as his policies."

Our MP is not very well liked by those who do have more than a passing interest in politics, the problem is we are a constituency where the proverbial donkey with a blue rosette would get elected.

Span Ows said...

I have no doubt the transparency claim/joke was heard throughout the land in each constituency!

Yes, not many jobs are ringfenced in such a way.

"Yes, I know you're useless, you've lost every contact you had worked on, we think you've robbed the petty cash and you fail to do half the work of the others ...so we're jolly well going to have a meeting in 4 years to discuss sacking you."