Tuesday, June 16, 2009

On offer...

With Gordon Brown's blatant public lies last week it seems appropriate that his financial support is drying up and leaving bearly a single source for Labour coffers...except the Unions; so no surprise today at their 2009 conference that Unison chirps up with the biggest threat: that of withdrawing their stuffed brown envelopes from anyone who doesn't toe their line. John McDonnell, Labour MP leading a group of MPs as The Campaign Group wants union rights increased and an end to privatisation of the public services.

"I welcome Dave Prentis's speech today at Unison conference. It is an indication of the revulsion within rank-and-file trade unionists at the government policies of privatisation."

I don't agree (except regarding the Post Office, in fact I am staggered that a Labour government - albeit faded rosé tinged instead of red - would even consider it for a second) but you have to respect the guy and that he stands up for what the Labour Party should be.

However, the Conservative Party should beware, and the excellent Letters from a Tory tells us today how they have been given a slight reprieve because the government was defeated (in the House of Lords) over it's attempts to thwart the Conservatives by banning donations to political parties by tax exiles. Apparently 46 Labour rebels "(the biggest rebellion since 1997)" swayed the vote Labour still desperate to stop Ashcroft donations:

Labour’s desire to attack the Conservatives on any grounds, regardless of how spurious they are, should not be underestimated. Electoral reform, MPs’ second jobs, party donations – they can and will try everything to hurt the Conservatives. Labour will never reform trade union funding as this would bankrupt them overnight so I see no reason why the Conservatives should bug [Lord Ashcroft about his] donations, but with Labour in charge of the legislative agenda I would brace yourself for a barrage of attacks as Labour try to undermine the Conservative Party’s credibility and honesty because they have no policy debates to concern themselves with.

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