Saturday, July 18, 2009

Outing ousted outrecuidance

ABC in Spain reported this morning an interesting news item of "Seized computers with results of the referendum that Zelaya did not hold". [ABC Spanish]

"El decomiso se realizó en la tercera planta del edificio anexo al Ministerio de la Presidencia que había sido alquilada al ex ministro del Interior, Enrique Flores Lanza. El fiscal adjunto, Roberto Ramírez, declaró esa zona como la "escena del crimen" y, aunque no quiso precisar más detalles, dijo que habían hallado evidencias que podrían tipificar los delitos de fraude, malversación de fondos, falsificación de documentos y abuso de autoridad."

"The seizure was made on the third floor of the building annexed to the Ministry of the Presidency, which had been rented to the former Interior Minister Enrique Flores Lanza. The deputy prosecutor, Roberto Ramirez, declared the area a "crime scene" and, although he did not want to specify more details, said it had found evidence typical of the crimes of fraud, embezzlement, falsification of documents and abuse of authority"

Despite what Mr Ramírez says I think that's fairly specific! Basically the story goes that several computers were seized on which were recorded the 'results' of the referendum on constitutional reform that ousted President Zelaya planned to have on June 28...the day he was overthrown: it will be investigated because some records had already been filled with data from voters who, allegedly, had already participated in the not-yet-taken-place referendum

One of the prosecutors who participated in the operation conducted a media conference yesterday showing the electoral record that even specified the number of people who participated: in the case of one polling table there were 550 papers of which 450 were in favour of the proposal (allowing Zelaya to restand for President) and 30 against plus 50 blank/spoilt/invalid papers.

Also on Europa Press (Spanish), Hat-Tip to The Real Cuba who has "not seen any reports in the English speaking media as of Saturday morning, even though they were present at the press conference held by Honduran authorities on Friday." Nor have I...maybe by now (Saturday evening) there are some.

Now it was also reported (AFP - Google) that the US is opposed to any attempted return by Zelaya describing the apparent plans (that Chavez keeps going on about) as "not helpful".

"The United States is opposed to any attempted return to Honduras of deposed leader Manuel Zelaya, fearing it could jeopardize reconciliation talks hosted by Costa Rican President Oscar Arias."

No wonder Hugo The Clown is squealing so loud and so much!

Great coverage, further Hat Tip and credit to
Fausta's Blog.

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