Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Osborne on optimum outcome...

Update: 1730BST: Osborne infuriates Labour and Lib Dems with claim Tories are progressive. Andrew Sparrow in The Guardian. Excellent, must be good if they're infuriated: clear blue water...
Progressive and radical...George Osborne is saying EXACTLY what he and the rest of his party should be saying and they should keep saying it every time they are asked, this is the only way to deflect Labour's smears and lies: he said (on BBC Radio 4's Today programme, to listen click here or on screen below) a couple of very important things: that the "progressive" Conservative Party (might sound wrong but it's right!)

...planned to reform public services such as schools in a way which could achieve necessary spending cuts without harming frontline services


...that people should not be "over-taxed" because of Labour's "overspending".

He also proposed something that may not go down well but is a clearly radical (although not original) should be a major improvement in the UK's steadily worseneing education system: da da daaarrr...by allowing independent providers into the state sector.

"It means the end of the state monopoly on the provision of state-funded education."... "Education is still free for people, for children and parents. It's just that not all teachers in the country are employed by the state."

Clear blue water...

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Anonymous said...

"worseneing education system"

Tee hee!

Span Ows said...


scrambles for an excuse...that is clearly a typo and I shall leave it for all to see (although I'm loathe to do it!)