Thursday, September 24, 2009

Oblatrating online opinion oppression...

For anyone interested, and those that didn't know the BBC Radio 5 News Message Boards are closing.

We're hoping that '5 Live now' will succeed at amplifying existing online opinion wherever it might originate or be hosted but that means that the board, although active amongst a regular set of users, can't continue in its current form and will close shortly.

In doing so the hosts asked if there were any questions and comments; one regular poster, Pat Shed, had two...both of which remain unanswered.

1. Were you not tempted to consult with your customers before taking this decision?

2. How is it that you "can no longer justify the resources required to moderate and host a wide-ranging news discussion forum" when the whole rationale of Radio 5Live is predicated on rolling news (and sport), and yet you apparently can justify the resources required to moderate and host not only a forum dedicated to television generally (Points of View) but also no fewer than 8 (eight) fora dedicated to one programme, Strictly Come Dancing?

Good points indeed; that second point is telling, for those not in the know this latter show is utter tripe but manna for the brainless masses as they gawp at the magic light box that provides their cerebral succour about which the BBC seem able to provide endless opportunites for anyone to comment.

Some may say that as I slag off the BBC why should I care, or that they have to make savings...whatever. Slowly but surely they are reducing the input of hoi polloi, [nearly] all their outlets that enable uncontrolled (but supervised) thought and speech are being wound be replaced by insipid, banal "equivalents" (NOT!) controlled by those who may not wish too much free speech and certainly no free speech that may not dove-tail to the BBC's rather slanted view of how the UK/World should be...maybe I'm making too much of this but anyone who has seen what has happend to the Sports board will know the "new" is most definitely not better and certainly is not progrees.

For anyone who has noticed I have had a link in the Owsblog sidebar for many years to an acceptable (hehehe) alternative. Click on the blue cat image or HERE.

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oblatrate n. - to snarl at, inveigh against

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