Saturday, September 26, 2009

Out of options...

Labour are almost out of options; they've no defence so they can only attack; there's not really that much to attack so they need to get down and dirty, and they will. They must expose the Tories says Hain [BBC]...expose what Peter, that they're so much more popular than you? Oooh those nasty Conservatives! I see you've started off by throwing in some whoppers in your Western Mail interview (no offence Burger King).

"I'm projecting that if the Tories are elected, unemployment will double in Wales, it will reach 250,000....the consequences of their cuts would be devastating, it would plunge us back into the 1980s."

I'm projecting you'll be a lying, thieving, corrupt Hoon (might have that tense wrong...) Perhaps you should stop Clarke talking about Gordon Brown's 'misleading and incredible' election claims [Guardian] and Prescott [Independent] exposing the lack of options and the lack of direction:

"They're a bloody party of whiners, when what we want is a party of campaigners."

Indeed, from winners to winers (and diners) to whiners. Still, whatever they do, they've got an uphill struggle when even 25% of Labour voters say they would prefer Cameron as PM! (OK, it's "just" another poll).

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Paul said...

The problem I have with polls is the extrapoltation technique, it assumes that the sample size will be replicated but I can't see how that works. Look at the 5Live Boards - Peter Grimes and I are from the same profession yet complete opposites politically, so how does that work itself out in a poll? There's a ratio of 5:1 in favour of Conservatives in our office but no two people live in the same seat believe it or not.

I can't argue about the dirty tricks by the way but that's part of political life. I have to say I was very disappointed by George Osborne last week though because as a potential Chancellor he should have read both the Budget and the Finance Act a bit better before opening his mouth.

Paul said...


Span Ows said...

You mentioned that before Paul, what did he say? saw some stuff today re him saying Brown is now doing what the Conservatives said a year ago...

P.S. May be quiet for a bit as on my work laptop I now have the "blue screen of death" and can't reboot even in safe mode!!!!!

Paul said...

Span - it's here. sorry I haven't done the clever 'here' thingy

My point was really that it was in the documents everybody saw last Budget Day. It's the 10p tax fiasco all over again, somebody somewhere not paying attention at the time and then trying to make a story out of it later. I don't have a problem with the comments themselves but the timing is six months too late.

Span Ows said... mean HERE


That said I think it an accidentally on purpose slip. Things being in teh budget small print of in the labarythine web pages of government might well be "officially" in the public domain but it ain't where the man in the street reads it...there are still loads of hidden 'dangers' that ahven't been publicised but are equally "in the public domain".

PS, laptop OK, just hadn't configured the new BIOS to XP instead of vista (took off Vista and had XP put in when I bought it last year)

Paul said...

That raises an interesting intellectual point about the roles of Government and Opposition though doesn't it - no, not the new Bios.

At which point does Government legislation have to or indeed need to be understood by the man on the street? I don't know about plumbing so I pay somebody who does, so who in Govt wields real power? Well to me the answer has alwya been obvious, it's the Sir Humphrey's not the Jim Hackers. I don't mind things being on a 'need to know' basis but it looks so childish when the person responsible for the opposition view on the economy misses something and then cries wolf.