Saturday, September 05, 2009

Obscuring obvious obsession?...

A troubling case; is it in bad taste to pass word on if it could be no more than malicious gossip? What to do when you think that the man running the country isn't fit for office, literally? According to several sources of Not Born Yesterday and John Ward on the Old Holborn blog, Gordon Brown is a very sick man and getting worse: ESTABLISHMENT 'COLLUDING IN PLIGHT OF SICK MAN BROWN'? Now we all know the stories and rumours that have abounded and even those who have been closest to the core of the New Labour Project have all had their say about Brown (Mandelson: "insecure, self-conscious physically and emotionally", "uncomfortable in his skin", Blair: "The darkness in his heart", "the lies will be his downfall", Campbell: "psychologically flawed" ) and what their opinion of him is. But this goes further...

"The Prime Minister of Great Britain is a man too ill to be holding the Office." This was the conclusion last week of a senior civil servant liaising regularly with Gordon Brown."

Reading the whole thing it could of course all be pap but apparently most of Labour, Whitehall and the Opposition bigwigs KNOW that something serious is wrong with Brown; OCD (Obsessive Compulsive Disorder) is suggested...but nobody is willing to do anything about it.

"As this would clearly make any such person wholly unfit to fulfil the Premiership - especially in the dangerous, broken world we now inhabit - why hasn't the story broken more widely? Why hasn't the Opposition leapt on it? In answering this question, we need to delve into the murkier waters of Gordon Brown's psyche - and the cynical guessing-game that passes for public service in the House of Commons....on all sides."

"Perhaps more disturbing is the passive political bias (and dereliction of Constitutional duty) represented by the obvious collusion in any cover-up about the Prime Minister's health problems throughout the senior ranks of the Civil Service."...

"There isn't a mandarin in Whitehall who's unaware of Brown's condition - they tittle-tattle the tale wherever they go, dining out on their inside knowledge, and yet won't lift a finger to bring it to the public's attention. We are being let down at every turn by the spineless Establishment running this country"

I don't feel particularly good about posting this (and yet I AM posting it), I know there are some nasty things covered up in Westminster - some things that the Police know about too - yet because of 'who' they involve these things don't get to see the light of day: not good, and if someone seriously isn't fit to to run the UK (or anything for that matter!) then those who are, or likely to be, affected should be made aware.

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Paul said...

I suppose OCD could be manifesting itself in his obsession with the economy being under control and telling everybody to do a Viv Nicholson and spend, spend, spend.

It's a power thing, the grabbing and holding onto of absolute power through not designating any proper jobs. Why do people constantly say that Brown is also doing Darling's job, that can't just be a Conservative rumour surely.

Blair had a plan, get in, change society, get out - his worked.

Lady Thatcher had a plan, get in, change society, hang around for as long as possible - her's partly worked.

Brown's was - get in (he was thwarted to begin with), change society(no comment) and hang around as long as possible - doomed to failure

Incidentally, reading Ian Jack's profile on John Major about five years ago, and I posted about it on a 5Live news thread it's clear that Major also suffered from OCD in that he spent all his waking hours worrying that he wouldn't leave a legacy - he did in the end it was called a cock-up, spelt Railtrack and resulted in Paddington and Potters Bar disasters.

Span Ows said...

LOL! (that last sentence!) poor old JM. I think Brown has always been loopy, it's been said by many people for many years...I still recall Matthew Parris a coupel of years back:

"As the year nears its close with a new Prime Minister test-driven, run-in and, from the look of him, near done-in, your diarist wrestles with a professional problem. I think Gordon Brown is mad.

But the trouble is, I said Tony Blair was mad, too. I said it for nearly ten years. Readers will surely begin to worry that it is I who am mad — or, worse, that I'm just a former Tory MP who thinks all Labour leaders are insane.

But with Mr Brown it shouts at you, doesn't it? The constant, mindless, repetition of comfort-blanket verbal formulae. The anger, the obstinacy — a man by turns bullying yet paralysed by indecision.

And those awful stories: fits of yelling at people, refusing to look at people, unpardonable rudeness to staff, fidgeting, nail-biting, afraid of letting go of anything, terrified of committing yet clinging with blind rigidity to commitments he does make. Then there's the (surely) telltale mistrust of all but a small circle of devotees...