Thursday, September 24, 2009


I should have put this up ages ago but I guess I was hoping an early election might materialise...never mind. Things seem to go from bad to worse in every sphere of UK life...not all Gordon Brown's fault of course but enough to make him need to

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Paul said...

So who is going to win then?

Span Ows said...

Not Brown...not Clegg. Clegg probably has less support after this week (their conference) and Brown has less support every day. So, barring, war, famine, pestilence etc the "none of the above" albeit with less of a mjority as last time) will win yet again but loose out as usual having to cede power to the party coming second: The Conservative Party.

P.S. Although the news from the North seems good...if it translates nationwide (it won't) it would be embarrassing.

Paul said...

I feel as if we are in a bad place politically but I guess you have felt like that for most of the past twelve years.

Span Ows said...

Just about...I haven't liked Blair and Brown since before 1997 and interestingly ex mrs Span didn't either and when we were first back from South America she could hardly speak nay was an instinct thing!!! (and if you knew her you'd know it wasn't my influence that effected her judgement. She thought Balir was a smooth, creepy snake saying and being all things to all lass!)

That said, even I hoped things would change...watching videos of the post '97 election euphoria is incredible, almost like I imagine the end of wars are like to the civilian population

Shallow con men, all of them.