Friday, October 30, 2009

Opium officer ousted...

Professor David Nutt the UK's chief drugs adviser has been sacked after earlier today accusing government ministers of devaluing and distorting evidence! [shock surprise, would government ministers do that?] He also said the drugs classification system was being used in a "political way", so Labour Home Secretary Alan Johnson ousted him from the post (Nutt had been critical of the decision to upgrade the classification of cannabis). What a hash; or what a dope? What do you think, was this a good idea? Keep off the grass!

Update: Nutt nuts nutty Brown.

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Paul said...

Well you've saved me my Monday post! The letter from Alan Johnson was most bizarre, why employ somebody for advice only to sack them when they give advice you don't like?

Interesting to see the 'league table' of drugs in the Independent yesterday based on the opinions of professors who know about these things. I have a feeling whoever follows David Nutt's role as advisor will have to be a 'yes man.'

Span Ows said...

It was in the Lancet, trouble is it compares what is legal now with what is illegal so when taking into account "physical harm to the user, the level of induced dependency and the wider effect of the drug on families and society as a whole" those that are legal (and abused) are going to be waaaaay more dangerous given these parameters tahn something that is illegal (although used by many)

HERE is the league table.