Friday, October 23, 2009

Outing outright obloquy...

obloquy n. - abuse; disgrace.

The increasingly useless and polemic UK Foreign Secretary David Miliband is really becoming a complete pain ['Useless' because he is useless, patently so...and 'polemic' because of his current insistently repeated (and utterly wrong) view of the Conservatives Euro allies]. He is now accusing the public of climate change apathy...he and his brother, Ed Miliband, the Climate Change Secretary (I get very suspicious of any family with multiple members in power, especially when you hear one being lined up for even more power, in the EU in this case) are using scare tactics of claims of water and food shortages, mass migration and conflict etc (all of those are already a reality for many people and have nothing to do with climate change) after it was revealed that "only 18 per cent of people believed that climate change would affect their children."

That's all well and good but the apathy seems to be from the Milibands and their Labour cohorts because only yesterday they had a chance to put their proverbial personal money where their mouths are...and decided they didn't need to make the effort: "A move to force the government to sign up to the 10:10 campaign and cut greenhouse gas emissions from its estate and the public sector by 10% in 2010 was defeated in the Commons."

"After the vote, Greg Clark, Tory shadow energy minister, said: "It is disappointing the government felt it had to vote down an eminently sensible bill. The scale of the task is such that we need precisely these kinds of measures." During the debate, Simon Hughes, the Lib Dem climate change spokesman, said: "This is a bad day for parliament, Labour and the planet," adding that it was particularly damaging ahead of talks in Copenhagen's to strike a deal on climate change."

One sure way of making the people less apathetic is to stop lying, stop pushing an agenda, stop taxing them for your stupid little plans etc and, at the LEAST, lead by example! Ivan Joseph puts it better than I could! I hope he doesn't mind me repeating what he wrote in the comments of the Times article:

"Maybe the public would be less apathetic if we didn’t feel we were being railroaded by the establishments "hands over the ears, eyes closed were all doomed policy"! There are many eminent climatologists and scientists with opposing views regarding "Climate Change" but their denial of access to the "mainstream media" is virtually total! We are fed the line that the science is settled, when there are countless reputable scientists and climatologists producing work that says it isn't! Al Gore's film "The inconvenient Truth" is accepted by the political establishment as the "Holy Grail" and yet when the government attempted to have it shown in every school and was challenged in court, Judge Michael Burton (quote) refused to sanction it, unless the "serious scientific inaccuracies, "political propaganda" and "sentimental mush" were explained at screenings! Dr David Bellamy used to be the country’s favourite “Environmentalist”, regularly popping up on our TV screens, quoted in newspapers and scientific journals etc. Why don’t we hear from him anymore, he’s still very much alive, you’ve guessed it! He apposes the establishment’s view! Just give us an honest balanced view so we can decide if we are being ripped off or not!"


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Paul said...

David Milliband will get a top job in the EU - possibly the president after Blair according to some sources last weekend.

Span Ows said...

You're definitely catching up on missed messages aren't you! ;-)

Yes, Miliband elder has "EU" written all over him...smarmy, hapless/hopeless/useless, political since birth, grinning gravy train twat.

Paul said...

Well I do try and keep up to date but I wasn't online for a couple of days.