Sunday, November 15, 2009

Onager's overwrought oratory...

I'm looking forward to today's Aló Presidente; don't worry, I won't be listening to the whole thing, the average time is 6 hours...can you imaginge 6 hours of ANY leader every Sunday? I wonder what pap Hugo will have to say today because last week, as reported everywhere e.g. BBC, he said "Let's not waste a day on our main aim: to prepare for war and to help the people prepare for war, because it is everyone's responsibility,". He was quite clear in what he said.

Chavez vs Uribe Image credit: Fotomontaje: Casa Editorial El Tiempo (CEET) Click on image for article in El Tiempo about whether the differences between Colombia and Venezuela can be sorted (in Spanish).

Now the Venezuelan government are saying they will punish any media that manipulates Chavez's words: Penarán a medios que "manipulen" palabras de Chávez [AFP, Spanish]:

Los medios de comunicación que "manipulen" las últimas declaraciones del presidente venezolano Hugo Chávez, en las que llamó a sus compatriotas a prepararse "para la guerra", serán sancionados, informó este viernes el director de la Comisión de Telecomunicaciones (Conatel), Diosdado Cabello.

The media that "manipulate" the latest statements of Venezuelan president Hugo Chávez, in which he called on his countrymen to prepare "for war" will be punished, said Diosdado Cabello, the head of the Telecommunications Commission (Conatel), on Friday.

Now, Chavez did follow up what he said with "If you want peace, prepare for war," [*see below] so I can understand what God-given hair (ahem...) is on about and to that end the authorities will be monitoring and reviewing all past and current programming to check that the words weren't manipulated by being used out of context as clearly the context of preparing for war is simply a 'deterrent' phrase, (yes it is, honest) aimed at Bogota and Washington re U.S. troops using Colombian military bases. Needless to say Hugo has called Uribe both mafioso and a traitor for allowing this and believes that rather than being aimed at counter-narcotics offensives the Evil Empire is there to invade Venezuela.

Chavez made these statements during last week's Alo Presidente! but two days later he denied that his intention was to provoke armed conflict with Colombia although not surprisingly this and other actions belie these words: on Friday he insisted he was "not calling for any war,"...merely a call to "prepare for battle to defend the holy land of Venezuela" against possible aggression from the United States from Colombia. Well, I guess everyone will make their own minds up. Many already believe that all the fuss is just another way of creating a smokescreen for the Venezuelan government's mounting inefficiencies and also to weaken the local governments of Táchira and Zulia states both on the border with Colombia and both with govenors in opposition to Chavez.

*Si vis pacem, para bellum: "If you wish for peace, prepare for war", originally from Igitur qui desiderat pacem, praeparet bellum by the Roman military writer Vegetius but has been paraphrased more than a few times throughout history. Perhaps Chavez should state clearly what Andrew Carnegie said only seven years before the outbreak of WWI:

"These vast armaments on land and water are being defended as a means, not to wage war, but to prevent war.... there is a safer way ... it requires only the consent and the good-will of the governments. Today they say .... If you want peace, prepare for war. This Congress says in behalf of the people: Si vis pacem, para pactum: if you want peace, agree to keep the peace [Wiki]

Update 9pm (Spain): Well more of the same. The US government are the champions of cynicism, Obama should give back the Nobel peace prize because he sending more troops to Afghanistan and Pakistan, in Iran they are still killing women and children; supporting the coup in Honduras and that Venezuela would continue preparing for war because Colombia and the USA were warmongers. The Obama government look butt naked covering themselves with a fig-leaf, covering the truth (about the US military presence being in the fight against the drug gangs and guerillas) and he doesn't need or want anybody's (Spain, Brazil,...the Vatican!) help mediating. Normal day at the office really.

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Paul said...

Six hours every Sunday, you have to admire the man's balls (last time I wrote cajones you told me it meant something else).

Does Jorge Vaca really translate as George Cow?

Anyway what are they up do down Caracas way, all this macho posturing against those law abiding Colombians. The border troubles seem to be getting pretty scary with kidnappings, shootings etc.

Span Ows said...

???...but cojones does mean balls, and is used in the same way (balls, or he's got a nerves etc) presming the 'a' is just a typo I don't know why I would have said it means anything else.

Yes George Cow...jejeje.

The've ben bad for a fe wyears, i can remeber one of my posts re Venezulea going on about it...Aug 2006 to be exact!

"Zulia is the state that covers most of the frontier with Colombia, it along with Tachira, apart from being beautiful, are suffering increased breakdown in security, kidnappings, murder etc... from Colombian rebels, something Chavez seems to care little about, it has become an almost Lawless zone in Venezuela"


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Paul said...

Have to say that even though I shortcut to your page from mine I thought I'd gone wrong because of the new header. It's classy.

Paul said...

Sorry, forgot to say no floating arrows.

Span Ows said...

Cheers...I did have the text as white on the image but if anyone has a browser/server/connection where the image doesn't show up well (I noticed this looking at it in IE6) you can't see the title (!!!) so I put it in dark arrows means probably IE 6 or 7???

Paul said...

I have IE 7 - resisted upgrading to 8 because of the problems upgrading to 7 caused!