Friday, December 11, 2009

Ominous omnipotence...

Baroness Ashton of Upholland, the EU's new High Representative for Foreign Affairs, is "racing against time to establish a pan-European diplomatic service before David Cameron can clip its wings." This should be a message to all Ukippers to desist from weakening a prospective Conservative win at the coming General Election. Carl Bildt, the Swedish Foreign Minister has said,

"Since the Lisbon treaty came into force, relations between member states were no longer considered "foreign policy" but were now "domestic policy"

[FFS!!!] Therefore any EU leader has no need of his/her diplomats/ministers beside them at EU summits. Bildt said this defending the situation whereby (shock, horror, surprised...NOT!) the foreign minister of each country was banned from attending the EU summit in Brussels; a dozen of the 27 foreign ministers objected to this: mean they weren't aware they would be replaced by Baroness Ashton (or whomever) at the European summit in Brussels? You mean they weren't aware that it was henceforth...

"...futile for member states to think they could still act unilaterally."

Do you, like me, find that ominous and sinister? Downright scary? [The Times]

P.S. That last quote was from the previous EU foreign policy supremo, Spanish career diplomat Javier Solano. I tend to agree with David Cronin re Solano: his (Solano's) own description of his approach to diplomacy was "Make no enemies and never ask a question to which you do not know or like the answer." Or in other words be "grey", be all things to all men and be nothing at the same time: or, take the money and go with the flow, be damp wallpaper, or, as Cronin says: "'Make no enemies' is another way of saying 'have no principles'" [Link] That's not so bad - and apologies for the change of tack - but some think Solano was the Antichrist (which would make Ashton the new one)! Mind you, reading the following link, the closing paragraphs open up a whole new possible career for Tony Blair as one smooth end times operator.

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The Great Simpleton said...

But surely Lisbon was no more than a few technical changes, a mere tidying exercise?

We might start to ask when the EU Minister comes under control of the Home Office? Given the disaster that has been the HO for the past 10 years or so that should screw up our relations with the rest of the EU quite nicely!

Span Ows said...

Hello Gildy! I presume the 1st comment was you?

I the real changes start. I think the momentum the EU now has will be put to what they feel will be good use by pushing forward the immediate super-activation and animation of the 130 embassies they already have.

Paul said...

Why do we need British consulates abroad? Why do we need passports?

The EU raises more questions than answers but one thing is clear, Governments love levels of bureaucracy when they are in power but see nothing but wastage when in opposition.

Span Ows said...

"The EU raises more questions than answers..."

As does you comment!


I like consulates, after all I've been in a few!! And hosted more than a few Ambassador's relatives in my time. However, I cannot imagine feeling as secure in an EU consulate...and what a complete waste of money, complete; there is absolutely NO REASON WHATSOEVER that they should have any (I know they've had them for years!) This point alone should have been enough to prove that the endgame is a federal USE (EUSSR!) and sod the individual nations...

Tim Hedges said...

Sorry to be late with the comment - just seen this blog.

What on earth makes you think David Cameron will clip the wings of the diplomatic service, or indeed dabble in any other repatriation of powers and influence? Any evidence? No, thought not. A clear signal to ex-conservtives to xupport UKIP, I should have thought.

Span Ows said...

Tim, no worries about being late; the 'clip wings' comment was from David Charter (The Time man in Brussels) and his evidence was word of mouth from Andrew Duff, a Liberal Democrat MEP and leader of the Union of European Federalists (or so says the article I have clearly quoted from and linked to).

"...or indeed dabble in any other repatriation of powers and influence"...I have no evidence whatsoever of what Cameron HAS done because he hasn't (and couldn't have) done anything yet but I am confident he at least WILL do something.

I see your new, big policy is ban the burkha...nice.