Tuesday, December 15, 2009

Ows' olive offering...

Olive TreeI'm not sure how much I'll be posting over the next few weeks so please accept this card from Owsblog. Click on the image (...and then the door!) to receive the card. Design by Jacquie Lawson: easily "the classiest e-cards on the Web". [Link]

"Each card we make takes anything from a few weeks to several months to complete. Many of the elements of the animation are actually painted by hand (using real paint, brushes and paper!) because the textures and colours achieved that way are so much more attractive than the electronic equivalent. These paintings are then scanned into electronic form, and the laborious process of animation starts. Finally, the music is created to accent or complement the animation."

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Paul said...

Ah that's beautiful. Knowing your sense of humour I kept waiting for the tree to be destroyed to make way for a motorway or die due to global warming.

Have a great Christmas if I don't speak to you again and thanks for your blog and for contributing to mine.

Anonymous said...

Here is a beautiful animated Christmas ecard. It is free to send. It is similar quality to those from Jacquie Lawson.

The Great Simpleton said...


Have a good holiday.

Span Ows said...

Thanks guys...shucks. You didn't spot the "deliberate" mistake or you're too kind to say?! Anyway, Gildy I hope your mum is OK and that you have a great Christmas etc too.

Paul, yes, the imagery of a tank ploughing trough the garden wall did cross my mind! Thanks for your contributions here...I'd hate to calculate the percentage of comments that are yours! By complete coincidence today I was led BACK to two Owsblog posts, one a 2006 post is best not mentioned (orgasm post translated into Spanish in Google!) and the other a 2005 post about milk and Guernsey cows - they had 27 and 25 comments!

Anonimo, I almost deleted your comment but am glad that I didn't: I am happy to agree that it is good; I especially like the silhouette on white and shades of grey. If only I had known before!...the name "Ojolie" fits perfectly with my very 'O' blog!

Best wishes and to anyone else that passes through but doesn't comment.

As of tommorrow I'm back in Blighty for 3 weeks.

Bonnie said...

Happy Christmas and a Guid New Year.
to you ......enjoy
There may be snow .. bring a sledge.

Span Ows said...

Thanks Bonnie, same to you. Had the first frost of the year this morning so I've timed it well!

The Great Gildersleeve said...

Thanks for your commets and good wishes over the year Span. Sorry to have been less frequent at visiting your blog...I hope that changes in the New Year.

We've just had our first snowfall but it keeps disappearing within minutes but it's coming.

A very happy Christmas and New Year to you and your family.

Wherever you are I hope you have a great time...

Take Care