Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Obviously optimistic...

I was sent this yesterday by one of my US cousins in Minnesota: I'm not sure whether it's a wind-up but it certainly seems genuine! "This is an actual billboard in Minnesota on Interstate 35" (heading south just north of the Wyoming exit on the east side).

Maybe GWB is missed...all eyes on the looming landslide for Brown (don't panic: this Brown is in Massachusetts!)

Update 8am. Wednesday: well, he did it! And a great upset it is too for the Democrats in their safest seat bar one or two (e.g. Rhode Island is safer)

"Scott Brown, a truck-driving National Guardsman who was virtually unknown even in Massachusetts a few weeks ago, beat Martha Coakley [by 52% to 47%] the state attorney general who had expected to inherit the seat"

....Happy inauguration ceremony Obama! NOT.

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The Great Gildersleeve said...

You won't get the chance...Obama has asked him to head up some kind of fund raising campaign with Bill Clinton to do with the relief of the tragic situation in Haiti.

Is it genuine? That's a difficult one.

Span Ows said...

I think it is Gildy, the date stamp and the weather etc and the poster looks "real" plus it wasn't a spam type e-mail it was just between a few "right-leaning" Minnesotans to some of whom I happen to be family!

I doubt it was ever about a come-back but it is funny. Maybe being drafted to help is an attempt by BHO to woo some of the more central right. Ceratinly the loss in Massachusetts is a MAJOR blow akin to what it would have been if Gordon Brown had lost that Glasgow seat of Michael Martin.