Friday, February 05, 2010

Obvoluting obloquies...

Vanessa PerroncelMore bias from BBC (see P.S.) but also I didn't really mean to follow on from my post below about John Terry, it was just a laugh seeing him so heatedly involved on the pitch as off it! And I was pleased when led to THIS story in the Daily Mail (hat-tip James Forsyth in the Spectator) The DM reports that

"It took Fabio Capello just ten minutes to strip John Terry of the England captaincy yesterday.

The Italian family man and strict disciplinarian made it clear he would not be part of the dither and hypocrisy over the disgraced star"

Great, I thought, a decent man, back to basics etc...remembering the days when Tory sleaze was almost entirely the petty sexual indiscretions of a few MPs (yeah yeah, brown envelopes too...) - whereas for the last decade or so it's been downright full-on New Labour corruption - however, this Terry sacking was not so simple, as James Forsyth tells us: "[his] sacking as England captain tells us something interesting about what is considered a sackable offence in today's world and what is not.". i.e. it wasn't until the money side of Terry's indiscretions came up, [that I am now reading about: FFS!...does he need the money? Why not give it to mates of his or something?] that he was sacked! Well, maybe Fabio would have demoted him anyway...maybe.

Jeez, on that standard why are only 4 MP's facing the law? It should be more like 40, or even 400!

P.S. That last link from the BBC has ALREADY disappeared completely from their UK politics page (and related links) after only 8 hours and I presume this is because it's worse for Labour than the Conservatives. Clearly not important as THIS then, an "anti-Tory" story manages to say up for 28 hours and counting.

P.P.S. Photo is of French underwear model Vanessa Perroncel who's at the centre of claims surrounding England captain John Terry's alleged affair

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Paul said...

I find the whole John Terry thing slightly bizarre. Danny Kelly summed up the result of the sacking best for me last night when he said, and I paraphrase here, "He's been indulged since the age of 9 and now finally somebody has said enough is enough, perhaps he might grow-up as a result of this."

Having Rio Ferdinand and Stevie G as the new number one and number two is, to borrow from Jane Fonda talking about Ronnie Reagan, "Like putting Dracula in charge of a blood bank." These two are a series of accidents waiting to happen.

JT was naive and arrogrant with this attempted shutting-up and well done to the Judge who said it was an attempt to silence the media for commercial gains rather than his privacy.

The only light-hearted moment in all this is Janet Street-Porters comment that she won't buy Daddies Sauce again to which one fellow journalist reportedly said, "just think of the poor sausages."

Ian Wright, himself an adulterer, was very honest on the radio this morning and also quite coherent when he said, "If you are famous and get away with it once you think you are breathing different air and you carry on until you get caught. JT will now find that in those moments when he would have previously been indulging himself he will reflect on how stupid he was, he has lost the captaincy of England not to mention what it's done to the personal lives of those involved." Yes, that really was Wrighty stringing together a couple of sentences.

Span Ows said...

Thanks for all that, I would never have got to hear either Kelly or Wrightie (I bet there were a few um' and ah's in that vertiable epistle form him)

Agree entirely re Ferdinand and Gerrard, jeez what a bunch. sadly you could almost argue that it's not their fault as they haven't a clue how "normal" peopel act or should act.

...and now finally somebody has said enough is enough...


Span Ows said...

P.S. Daddies sauce?...oh, I see...hide and seek with the spicy sausage!

Paul said...

The Daddies Sauce line was a reference to the fact that JT was named father of the year in 2009 - the award is given by Daddies Sauce.

Span Ows said...

ooops...oh, I see, yeah, ahem...I knew that...


P.S. JT Dad of the year?!!!! FFS!

Paul said...

I actually like the way you join the dots and come back to sex, it's comforting in these uncertain times!