Tuesday, February 09, 2010

Obvious obstipation II...

"Gordon Brown really can be very annoying."...and so say all most all of us.

"He basically lies about the policies of other parties, then attacks the lie. He hopes that no one will be bothered to pick him up on the detail.... ...It's is a very dangerous political technique, this, because it robs political debate of any truth or objective content. It needs to be challenged relentlessly."

So says Daniel Finkelstein in The Times Comment Central yesterday (my emphasis). Brown's constant lying is what we've known about for years and the attitude came across clearly in the Labour Party campaign poster (left) Shane Greer shows why it's so wrong. So, just as well that the Conservatives can produce their own (below; possibly equally short on truth...but so much better!)

Labour RIP'Brownite politics at its worst' says Peter Hoskin (click on image). Only a couple of months left before the election! Should be fun...NOT.

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Paul said...

Shane Greer makes some good points but I disagree with him on one major issue. People do vote tactically, they do vote against one party rather than for the alternative. Which party won an election on the back of a poster campaign that claimed 'Labour Isn't Working'? For years in this country, and in the States, we've seen politicians denouncing the opposition rather than promoting their own ideals.

The phrases, "Typical Labour," or "Conservative Values," mean little to those who aren't committed to either party.

Neither party will set-out clear policies on many major issues. How long after May will it be before the old question of the EU raises it's head for DC and his lot? Inheritance Tax? CGT? Childcare?

Span Ows said...

I read an intersting article yesterday aboiut how AV is really just tactical voting, certainly after the 1st choice anyway...added to various articles about how it favours Labour.

Speaking of posters, I note that Fox News, assorted media, Guido and Conservative Home have all reported the Bush "Miss me yet" billboard today...somehting I had 3 weeks ago (hehehe) although it was about long befor ethat too.

Span Ows said...

Oops, forgot to add...less than 7 days in answer to your last paragraph!