Tuesday, February 16, 2010


Juanes, a Colombian megastar in case you're interested - but not quite a male Shakira - is in the news today with the PIN to Hugo Chavez's Blackberry: H1J0D3PU7A. Try and work it out but if not: meaning, LOL!

The delectable Rania Al Abdullah (Queen consort of Jordan) is back in Barcelona and staying at the new Hotel W. Nothing odd in that except the suite is called Extreme Wow (naturally top of the range!)

Dodgy MP is a lying scumbag. Interesting progression of his expenses (152,749 quid in 2007/08).

China break Russia's 46-year hold on pairs figure skating gold. Now that's over they can have sex! "Don't wait until you're 37... ...to get your gold" said Zhao.

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Paul said...

In French it's pute. I have one of Juanes albums and one that he did in Spanish with Nelly Furtado, the famous singer from Rochdale (you have to say her name in a Lancashire accent for that joke to be mildly amusing).

Span Ows said...

I didn't know that, she's very cute...ay.

P.S. FUCKING lazy tosspot Diaby...fucking SHOOOOOT! Fucking useless tosspot Bendtner! Fucking unlucky/stupid/I don't know what tosspot Fabianski!