Sunday, February 21, 2010


Could this be BULLYGATE? Is Crash Gordon that odious creature...a workplace bully?

Many claims, oft repeated before this weekend [Dizzy], that Gordy mistreats staff. "Civil service chief warned Gordon Brown over abusive treatment of staff" [Observer]

Mandy tells the BBC earlier today that Crash Gordon was "demanding of people" but "doesn't bully people". You'll note that in the interview mealy-mouthed Mandy only vociferously denies what hasn't actually been suggested i.e. hitting people...classic New Labour doublespeak.

National Bullying Helpline chief executive says that

"Over recent months we have had several inquiries from staff within Gordon Brown's office."

OK, admittedly this could be staff in that office that have little contact with Brown...could be.

Nobody has said Brown actually clocked anyone but he is clearly the mean, miserable, meagre and mistreating (of staff) middle-manager that he looks and acts like; he most certainly isn't a good leader and he most certainly isn't/wasn't good at economics or money management. Any twat can borrow and spend other people's money!

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Paul said...

Heard a couple of old boys on the World At One today saying they wonder how much truth is there in the Brown aspect of this story. He's apparently always defended the junior staff at Number 10.

Interesting last few lines from you regarding the economy in light of my weekend research on the 2001 and 2005 General Elections. I have to be honest and say I think something spectacular is going to have to happen between now and May for the Conservative's to get any sort of majority in double figures.

Span Ows said...

Your last sentence says it all. But I've been thinking that for ages (i fact I was always telling Devon and Co on R5L not to count their chickens.

The first paragraph I will take as anecdote and ignore in favour of the multiple anecdotes and evidence from too many insider sources to be completely wrong or untrue. Just look at published stuff from Mandy, Campbell et el (before they began to toe the line again)