Monday, March 29, 2010

fruity Liz Hurley I say, that fruit bowl isn't really very appealing although lovely Liz is doing her utmost to help with the arrangement. And...

"Oh, I love David Cameron, I've had lunch with David and Samantha a few times and found them both extremely charming. I think he’s gorgeous. Super-sexy!"

Right, that's my vote sorted. Anything for Liz. Trouble is, and knowing that nobody can have everything, I've heard Cheryl is a leftie!
Photo: Nihat Odabasi, click on image for Times article. Hat-tip TimMontgomerie (Twitter)
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Paul said...

Well I like Liz but then again I like Cheryl, the thing is I can't decide which one I like best.

Span Ows said...

Well Cheryl only "says" she votes Labour, I guess she has to or she'll get lynched when she goes home. If Cheryl decides to buy a pretty farm and do organic produce (and a swimwear line) then I'll be happier but at present I favour Liz...(God, what a dreamworld...hehehe)

Paul said...

Mine was really a reference to Harry Hill, I don't really like Cheryl at all.

The verification word is 'fampants' - I'm sure you make these up yourself.