Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Outstanding opposition III...

And it's not the Conservatives this time although George Osborne's "promise to rescind at least part of the increase in National Insurance Contributions is what we would describe as common sense economics." [Link: BoM] Credit where credit is due, credit to the Lib Dems for some good opposition (very rare)!!

No I do not mean Labour's new best weapon Vince Cable being unexpectedly smug and annoying in the C4 Chancellors debate (IMHO, but reports are so diverse giving 'the win' to all of them but most to VC, who had nothing to lose and no real case to make or "defence" to put forward) but I mean the new "attack" website Labservative.com. It's very good. Labservative
Click on the image for a closer look.

Update on the first bit: a fantastic and topical "award winning headline candidate" re the Chancellors debate: Constantly Furious: Clash of the Tight 'Uns! LOL. It's a handy summary too.
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