Monday, April 12, 2010

DEBT! "We are cheating the voters if we don't talk about DEBT!"

What we will not hear much about though, to judge by the way this campaign has gone so far, is debt, the black hole that deepens with every deficit. Or DEBT! as it rightly should be written every time. It’s as if the parties and leaders have decided to ignore the issue for the duration, for fear of putting off the voters. From Labour this is no surprise. Gordon Brown has no interest in being interested in the issue, and even considers it an economic virtue, a price worth paying to save us from economic collapse. To address DEBT! and what must be done about it would be to draw attention to his record of spending recklessness dating back to the good times of 2002-3.

In other news Gordon Brown says that the Labour party would be 'useless and relentless performers' and were 'ready to answer the call of the few, cha.' He also pledged 'fare taxes' and 'to erase the minimum wage'. Well, that's what I heard. ;-)

Nick Robinson asks if election manifestos matter while Iain Dale shows that, beyond any doubt, Labour's Manifestos aren't worth a damn.

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Paul said...

Iain Dale's post is, with respect, worthless in my opinion because Govts have to change according to circumstance, the man who thinks the same at 50 as he did at 30 has wasted 20 years of his life. Did the Tories promise in 1983 to give us 17% Interest rates - no - but they still did in 1980 and 15% in 1990.

Btw there are some good points on his blog which I read this lunchtime.

Paul said...

Sorry meant 1979 and 1980!

Span Ows said...'re becoming far too serious, must be that german trip ;-)

ID's post isn't worthless, it is merely highlighting the wrthlessness of political manifestos. They aren't even an accurate guide anymore, they are pap and vacuous marketing froth. He does say that labour broke promises, and as we know pap isn't promises but it is worth highlighting. Your example isn't really apt because "bad" things aren't promised, they're just not mentioned.

Now, I posted a few "ocular" posts while you were away and I think you ought to have a look. Photos being your thing and all...

P.S. if I sound overly twatish I apologise: it's all beer and wind...


Paul said...

"ID's post isn't worthless, it is merely highlighting the wrthlessness of political manifestos."

Which was exactly my point. Do people other than those of us with a nerdish interest in politics ever buy them? As I've posted on my site I think they appeal only to those with either an interest in politics as a student of it or those whose careers depend on it. No insult was meant to Iain Dale who I have a lot of time for.

Span Ows said...

Ah, OK, yes I did misunderstand you.