Tuesday, April 06, 2010

Outrageous overspending III...

"It beggars belief that the state is now the biggest advertiser in the UK." "Labour are trying to buy the election using millions of pounds of taxpayers' money with a last minute state sponsored advertising blitz." [DT] And Francis Maude goes on to say that this really does show what utter contempt Gordon Brown has for the British public. Brown says he will cutback but wastes more, intentionally, knowing that the Labour Party are almost broke. This is a disgrace.

"Despite the recession, the government spent £211million on advertising in 2008/9, a 35 per cent increase on the previous year. That looks set to rise to £232million in 2009/10. The advertising industry has hailed the government as its 'lifeblood' and has rewarded the Central Office of Information (COI) with numerous accolades, including 'advertiser of the year' and 'advertiser of the decade'"

...say Spiked. I suspect it will be more because they spent a record of 30 million quid in January...a million quid every day. That record lasted until February when the spent 35 million! Comically Labour say they will reduce this by 25% over two years...well it went up 35% in 08/09 and another 10% this year so they're not really promising much are they? Pure coincidence the election is due. Arseholes.

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