Tuesday, April 06, 2010


...outstanding indeed. The flea* circus. It wasn't a messy affair at all but it was a Messi fanfair: Lionel Messi 4, Arsenal 1. Unbelievable. Don't think I'm exaggerating: without him it was either side's game (it's also the first time he's scored four in a game).

Messi es sobre todo Messi FC. Se merendó al Arsenal con un monólogo espectacular por sus jugadas, por sus goles, por su ascendente sobre un equipo rebajado por las bajas, exigido por el calendario, necesitado de una figura como la de Messi. La noche pedía un redentor en tiempos de resurrección y apareció la pulga*.

Messi es un genio del fútbol. Acabada la jornada, recogió la pelota y no será noticia hasta el próximo partido. Que nadie le pregunte nada ni busque sus declaraciones porque la pulga solo se explica en el patio de recreo

Roughly translated: Messi is above all Messi FC. He made a nightime snack of Arsenal with a spectacular monologue of football and goals; the team, struck by injuries, suspensions and a congested timetable, needed a figure like Messi. The night called for a saviour in times of resurrection and the Flea appeared.

Messi is a football genius. After the game, he picked up the ball and he won't be news until the next game. Nobody asks him anything nor look for him to say anything; [and with reference to him being like a child only interested in playing]: the Flea says it all on the playground.

Update: great Getty image HERE of the kid taking his ball from the playground and the beaten bigger kids looking pissed off!

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