Friday, May 07, 2010

Offering opportunity...

So, a coalition of sorts?  Will 'winner' David Cameron's offer be accepted?

While that's being sorted here are some interesting facts and figures, not just from this year's election (millions rounded!):
  • After the debates and 'Cleggmania' the Lib Dems look like they crashed and burned yet they got one million MORE votes than 2005...and 5 fewer seats (D'oh, anyone looking in from elsewhere will just not understand this).
  • In England Labour won 7 million votes and got 191 seats; the Lib Dems won 6 million votes and got only 43 seats.
  • In Scotland Labour won 41 seats with only one million votes; the other parties got 1.4 million votes and share 18 seats.
  • Below the Severn-Wash line (SE, SW and Eastern England), out of 195 seats Labour won only TEN (excluding London).
  • In 2005 Tony Blair got more than one million FEWER votes than David Cameron did yesterday but he had 50 MORE seats.
  • Michael Howard losing in 2005 got 100,000 votes more than Labour did yesterday but Labour have 60 more seats than Howard did.
  • Tony Blair's 'massive landslide' in 1997 was with less of the popular vote than John Major in 1992 and Margaret Thatcher in 1987.
  • Neil Kinnock's 'disaster' in 1992 was with almost a million MORE votes than David Cameron won yesterday.
  • In John Major's Conservative 'slaughter' in 1997 he got MORE votes than Tony Blair won in 2005.
I could go on all night but it really does highlight what a shit system it really is. The fact that this year voters were turned away just makes matters worse but will some sort of PR deal be worked out or a referendum on electoral reform be offered? I doubt it. Note that in a poll today "86% of Tory members prefer minority government to coalition." [Link]

P.S. well done to the Greens: your first ever UK MP, Caroline Lucas in Brighton. Overall the Green Party got 285,616 votes; this is 100,000 votes MORE than Sinn Fein or Plaid Cymru BUT these parties got 5 and 3 seats respectively. However, UKIP got nigh-on a million votes (917,832) but no seats and the BNP got 563,743 votes and no seats. Go figure.

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Les Paul Junior said...

A very interesting post, Span. Thanks.

We really do live in interesting times. I'm told the Chinese "word" for crisis is made of two symbols. One means danger and the other means opportunity. Let's hope we get the opportunity bit as well!

P.S. I've to the other end of the intellectual spectrum on my blog!

Paul said...

Good post Span and in the interests of common thought I have linked to it on my page.

I can't see how Lib Dems can work with Cameron, it will be the end of them, a betrayal of ideologies.

Oh that is wonderful - the password for this post is 'noend'

Span Ows said...

Thanks you two: interesting times indeed! I will pop over and see what you've both posted.

I'm escaping to Brazil tomorrow so may not be psoting that much for at least a week or so....maybe, I've said that before and posted more!

Paul said...

Divirta-se em Brasil (I hope that means what it was intended to mean)

Span Ows said...

Yes...I intend to but I have to work as well!