Sunday, May 30, 2010

Old Oxfordian overseers II...

I didn't realise yesterday when it was announced that Danny Alexander would be David Law's replacement at the Treasury, but...he's another one...and I don't mean Scottish politician! "Daniel Grian Alexander gained a BA in politics, philosophy and economics from St Anne's College, Oxford".[BBC].

So in the cabinet there's David Cameron (PPE Oxford), William Hague (PPE Oxford) Chris Huhne (PPE Oxford) and now Danny Alezander (at least; there could be more). New Labour Leader from: David Miliband (PPE degree from Oxford), Ed Miliband (PPE degree from Oxford), and Ed Balls (PPE degree from Oxford) One of those is assisted by Yvette Cooper (PPE Oxford); one or more assisted by Peter Mandelson (PPE Oxford).


Simon Fawthrop said...

Which just goes to show why Labour have lost touch with those they claim to represent. How can these people understand the aspirations of the working class?

Span Ows said...

Hello TGS, good to "see you" again.

They can't understand and have spent well over 10 years shitting on them. When challenged all they can shout is "minimum wage"...more fool them. Milimajor, Miliminor and Balls are the only ones who have the votes to fact Diane Abbot had ONLY ONE signature last time I looked and John McDonnell had SIX.

Burnham...the other professional politian/political aide i.e. no life except politics has 17...just goes to show how "real labour" the Labour party is...not at all.