Friday, May 28, 2010

One off?...

One of many, or at least the first "scandal" for the coalition and it is for one of the most impressive performers thus far: David Laws said: "I regret this situation deeply, accept that I should not have claimed my expenses in this way and apologise fully." WHY HIM?...WHY NOW?!! How much more of this shit is waiting to be drip fed? The Daily Telegraph reveals how the Treasury chief David Laws claimed up to £950 a month for eight years to rent rooms in two properties owned by his long term partner.

Update Saturday, 8pm (BST): It appears Laws has resigned.

Update 2: Sunday. I have just edited the above post to remove a name that in itself bore no relevance to the subject or the outcome. Just to add that IMHO it is a shame that Laws has gone but it was essential if the coalition wants to be seen as different from what went before. The one important point that I touched on before is the manner and the timing of this "tabloidesque" revelation; I think it time the Telegraph published everything it has NOW before it does any more intentional damage and it certainly would be to their financial benefit because if they do something similar in a few days, or weeks, or months it could be construed as an attempt to deliberately harm the UK or a popular government and in so doing have an adverse effect on their readership.

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