Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Other opportunities II...

Well, what of the 150 or so MPs (100 from labour) that left parliament this year? Many will cut and run with their massive payouts: all get a pay-off of £64,000 each in addition to their index-linked pensions and any troughing and flipping they have managed to get away with. Others like former Labour cabinet minister Ruth Kelly have landed on both feet in very good £200,000 salaried banking positions (funny how she didn't chose a bank that the government she was part of had dealings with) whilst others could face the public again in positions even more stressful than when being a politician: Lebit Opik it appears to be turning into his caricature: he is planning a new career as a stand-up comedian. How many had/will have deductions because they were sacked? How many will be brought to trial or imprisoned for gross misconduct? Many are no better than thieves but NONE will suffer. "DISGRACED and retiring MPs are to net £153m in payoffs and pensions as they step down at the general election."

On average, the 148 MPs who have announced that they will quit the Commons are in line to collect more than £1m each, according to an analysis for The Sunday Times. [from April]

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Paul said...

I used to be sceptical about the influence of MP's on outside interests until I had dealings with the company that Roger Scruton worked as freelance for (you posted about him some time ago if you recall). The clamour to get the great and the good on board was astonishing. Just having one MP on board was worth hundreds of thousands of pounds.

BTW - one of our clients wives was a returning officer for the General Election, I can't divulge her fee but your hair would fall out in shock. As a clue she got more than the Sheffield R.O who turned down his £27,000 fee because of the cock-up. And no, she wasn't part of a Labour controlled council.

Span Ows said...

Why am I not surprised!