Sunday, May 09, 2010

Only one option: OUT...

Give the UK a referendum NOW! No, not on PR but on E.U. Membership!! "British taxpayers ordered to bail out euro".[DT]

All 27 EU finance ministers have been summoned to Brussels on Sunday to sign up to a 'European stabilisation mechanism'. Britain will be unable to veto this as it will be put through under the 'qualified majority voting' system.

Alex Deane over at Conservative Home puts the gist of that article in such a way that it is better just to quote it [Link]:(my emphasis)

You might wonder how the article's authors can speak with such certainty about the result before the meeting has taken place. The answer is that all 16 Eurozone members seem to have agreed on this course already, and between them they command a majority in a vote. Invoking Article 122 of the Lisbon Treaty, intended to enable a collective response to natural disasters, they ensure that the decision does not need unanimous agreement.

A disgrace. A brazen stitch-up. A repulsive abuse of power. A vivid demonstration of the costs of membership, and of the nations in whose interests the Union is run. Prompt (and shameless) use of contentious legislation ratified for one purpose, to secure an entirely different end. It's a useful demonstration of how the EU works:

* Their decision.
* Their currency.
* Our money.

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Paul said...

As of this morning neither Darling or Osborne were supporting this plan although both were being kept informed.

Span Ows said...

I'm not sure either of them (or Cable!) can or could do anything about it. It's all in the small print that Brown signed up to. Well, they can do something...refuse, but then that does two things, puts the UK in the shit if the domino effect pushes us towrads the abyss and even if not then a major confrontation with the EU...i vote for the latter!

Lydia said...

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